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Krater Recordings is a sublabel of audiophob which has been active for some time now. Starting now you can follow its activities under http://krater.audiophob.de/. You will find free download releases of Sick En For, Capsular and other projects there. Besides this you'll also find information about the first release on Krater Recordings with a somewhat larger scale:

The compilation "Re/Version 01" convenes all the bands and projects who played on Re/Version event series so far: 2Kilos &More (Von Magnet side project), Spherical Disrupted, Phelios, Hidden Technology and others. The compilation will be released as a professional manufactured CD-R in a edition of 100 copies.

The CD is now available in our Mailorder.


Forms Of Hands
28.-29.04.2017, Förderturm, Bönen
Live: Winterkälte, Orphx, Geistform, Greyhound, MS Gentur, S.K.E.T., New Frames, Heimstatt Yipotash, Hysteresis, Last Days Of S.E.X., Tomohiko Sagae, SaturmZlide, Dirty K, Kaibun
DJs: Thedi, Andi Aka
VJ: Carsten Stiller
Further information: Forms Of Hands

Legenden, Helden, Kult!
30.04.2017, Kulttempel, Oberhausen
DJs: Paradroid, Krischan Wesenberg, DJ Tom
Further information: Kulttempel

Dracula Mascarada
20.05.2017, Unione E Benevolenza, Buenos Aires (AR)
Live: Darkrad, Noemí Maldavsky, Arcana Acrobacia Teatral, Cadencia Nocturna, Carola Frank y Gabriel Sosa, Saba Khandroma, Raven Wings
DJs: DJ Hadrian, DJ Faby

Xerox Exotique #009: Oscotarach Resurrected
20.05.2017, Institut für neue Medien, Frankfurt
Live: Spherical Disrupted, Hidden Technology, Carsten Vollmer
Further information: Institut für neue Medien

27.05.2017, Fundbureau, Hamburg
Live: Mortaja, Asche
DJs: Crashzkitt, Alexander Marco, Toxic Garden, Akoasma, Lunaxine, Ophelia The Suffering
Further information: Katharsis

01.06.2017, Felsenkeller, Leipzig
Live: A Split-Second, Schwefelgelb, High-Functioning Flesh, Zweite Jugend, Geneviéve Pasquier, MDS51
DJs: PuPPe, Paradroid, dRiLL, Lerry D., Herr Roth, Provokateur, Hells
Further information: Wave Gotik Treffen

Electrofixx vs. Gegenlicht
17.06.2017, Triptychon, Münster
DJs: Niggels, Paradroid, L.o.r.D.
Further information: Electrofixx

Primal Uproar vol. II
30.06.-01.07.2017, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
Live: Spherical Disrupted, Geistform, Sandblasting, Axiome, Futuro De Hierro, Magmadam, Aphexia, Petra Flurr, Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim, Toise, Kotze Im Einkaufswagen, Cindytalk, Vera Bremerton, MDS51, TMS, Sz. Berlin, Motoblok, Todesstrahlen, Corazón De Robota, Ohmnoise, Āleph, For Your Own Safety, Crocanti, KiEw, Greta Christensen & Marta Zapparoli, Medial Ages, Lambmother, CoCo Katsura Feat. Dr. Nexus, THDN, Am Not, Rikashpur, Jose Macabra, Beeatsz v2.085
DJs: Ophelia The Suffering, Thedi, Difficult Music, Udo Wiessmann

Electrofixx vs. Gegenlicht
19.08.2017, Triptychon, Münster
DJs: Niggels, Paradroid, L.o.r.D.
Further information: Electrofixx

Electrofixx vs. Gegenlicht
21.10.2017, Triptychon, Münster
DJs: Niggels, Paradroid, L.o.r.D.
Further information: Electrofixx

Further information about Paradroids DJ events can be found at http://www.antimatter.de/.


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