auphnet023: Mandelbrot - Time Machine

released: 06.12.2020

1. Time Machine 1
2. Time Machine 2
3. Time Machine 3
On a beautiful rainy day, Mandelbrot set out to implement an idea from Ms. Teichner. She intended to do something with the chiming of old clocks. So they went to visit a household liquidation shop. There the desired was found not less than three times. The three old clocks were dismantled, the striking mechanisms were removed and assembled into a new instrument, which was henceforth called the 'Time Machine'. Inspired by the construction of this instrument, three instrumental pieces were recorded. Live and without additional audio tracks. The result was found to be so good that it is now available to you, dear audience, as an audio document. Barbara Teichner: Time Machine, Microphonic Soundbox, Damenkränzchen (another self-made instrument). Hammered, plucked, bowed. Philipp Münch: Elmyra Dronebox, Crave Synthesitzer, Theremin, Effects, Sound Mixing.
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