auphcd037: Autoclav1.1 - Gone Long Before The Death Of The Sun

released: 01.04.2022

01 Long Slow Clap For The End Of The World.
02 Fauna Collapse.
03 The Plastic Sea.
04 When The Bee Disappears.
05 Landfill.
06 Holocene.
07 Tsunami.
08 Dead air. [feat. Sven Phalanx]
09 Culpability.
10 White Into Amber [v2]. [feat. Andreas Davids]
On his latest album (the follow up to 2020s “Nothing Outside”), Tony Young (Autoclav1.1) presents, over the course of ten tracks, a story that befits the world that we currently reside in. Through the medium of emotive electronics, paranoid beats, piano harmonies organic instrumentation and orchestral juxtapositions, Young tells a tale of humankinds’ apathy to the current climate crisis that we are simply oblivious to, or ultimately ignoring. We are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction event. The oceans are polluted and many species of animal and insect are on the brink of disappearing from this planet forever. Through sheer ignorance, the least valuable of species to this planet (humans), look to the skies, dreaming of other worlds they can go overpopulate, whilst ignoring the place they have always called home. When they’re not dreaming, they merely assume mankind will just adapt to a further increasingly hostile environment they are solely responsible for. “Gone Long Before The Death Of The Sun”, represents the fact the one day, our own star will expand and die. In its path is our home. Will mankind have managed to leave the outer reaches of our solar system before its demise; or will it have died off long before, taking with it, every other living species through its own selfish ignorance?