auphcd012: Spherical Disrupted - Quasar

released: 09.10.2009

1. Einstein Cross
2. Accretion Disc
3. Galaxy Bulge
4. Solar Luminosity
5. Stellar Debris
6. Solar Luminosity (Endless Repeat Mix by Xabec)
7. Accretion Disc (Disambiguation Remix by Empusae)
8. Cosmological Redshift (Fractional Shift)

Five years ago, the last regular album of Spherical Disrupted, entitled "Null" was released on audiophob. Now it's time for the follow up release which is entitled "Quasar". The term "Quasar" is short for "Quasi-Stellar Radio Source". It is used for galaxies sending out large amounts of energy in different wave lengths. This phenomena is addressed in the albums five new tracks of sometimes epic length. Elements of Dark Ambient, IDM and even 70s Electronica are put into a modern context on this work. The remixes of Xabec and Empusae fit seamlessly into this concept by providing a more rhythmic aspect for two of the songs. Furthermore a remix of the track "Cosmological Redshift", known from the compilation "Industrial Meeting 14", made by Spherical Disrupted himself can be found on this new CD.