auphcd009: Zero Degree - The Inner Realm

released: 06.10.2008

1. Eternal Void
2. Fading Light
3. Hallway Of Lost Souls
4. Descent
5. Luminary
6. Dreamscape
7. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
8. Surface
9. Vigil Coma
10. At The Shores Of Oblivion
11. Vigil Coma (Large Hadron Collider Mix by Spherical Disrupted)
Three years after the debut work here's the second full length album of Zero Degree. Again "The Inner Realm" offers tight electronic sounds between dark ambient worlds and noisy technoid rhythms. The later might be even more dominant than on the predecessor. The CD comes with 10 new tracks plus a remix by Spherical Disrupted.